MMA News: Dana White Will Hire Security After Charles Oliveira Incident

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Jon Conahan

UFC president Dana White has said the organization will make a drastic change to make sure the unfortunate situation of Charles Olivieri's UFC 274 weigh-in does not ever happen again.

Charles Oliveira Wasn't Concerned With The Situation

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Charles Oliveira says that he isn't too concerned about the weight and knows that it was just a mess up. He says that it's not going to frustrate him and that it's going to make him hungrier for the future and he's going to be the best that he's ever been.

“If they thought it was going to frustrate me, they’re going to see a Charles 10 times better,” Oliveira said in Portuguese. “I’m ready for this. The champion’s name is Charles Oliveira, there’s no one else.”

Oliveria has missed weight four times before in the UFC as a featherweight and has weighed in a few pounds under the limit on several occasions in the past since moving up to the lightweight division. He claims that the hotel scale tricked him to believe that he was at weight, but that wasn't the case.

Dana White Addresses The Situation

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Dana White took the podium a few days ago to address the situation as many UFC fans wanted to know what happened.

“We have this issue where guys come out and they’ll start checking the scale the night before and all the Europeans and guys from other parts of the world do kilos, so they all start f****** with the scale to look at kilos and, who knows... ,” White told reporters after the pay-per-view event at Footprint Center in Phoenix. “There’s so many moving parts to this beast of a machine that we run every week, and we’ve got to have a security guard in there where the scale is now. It’s something we’re going to have to do.”

Oliveria Was Stripped Of His Belt

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When Oliveira entered the octagon on Saturday, he was stripped of his belt due to a half-pound overage in the 155-pound lightweight title bout. In the opening round, he defeated Justin Gaethje, returning from early difficulty to submit the previous interim champion. Because he had been stripped of his belt, his victory only earned him the No. 1 contender status, which White verified as he leaped over the octagon to celebrate.

When Is Oliveira's Next Fight?

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Oliveira is going to be fighting for a vacant belt against a yet-to-be-announced opponent in the coming year. There's still not a date or an opponent for him, but it's most likely that this is going to take place sometime in September.