Dua Lipa Stuns In Braless Dress

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On her latest tour stop, British pop singer Dua Lipa decided to make the most of her time in Berlin, Germany. The 26-year-old Grammy award-winner started the first leg of her Future Nostalgia tour last year in the UK and America and is now moving towards Eastern Europe. The response from fans so far has been incredible, and BBC called her Britain's pop star.

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Exploring Berlin Before The Lights Come On

Dua Lipa on stage
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The singer shared some behind-the-scene of her pre-show and post-show moments with her team. Dua wore a loose-fitting black dress with a nude flower petal boldly printed on the face and paired it with a polka dot red shirt. She visited a museum and ate the local cuisine at a top restaurant with her stylist, Marc Goehring.

The following slides showed Dua in more casual outfits and places, including one where she's resting, revealing her cutout petal black top and mini skirt.

Experiencing Future Nostalgia Via Tour

Dua Lipa performs in a black two-piece
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Dua Lipa covered American Vogue's June issue tagged The Real Dua Lipa, where she opened up about life post-breakup with Anwar Hadid and her critically acclaimed Future Nostalgia album. Because of the pandemic in 2020, she couldn't experience the album in real-tie, but with the ongoing World Tour, the artist said, "...being on tour and seeing the crowds is like, Oh, it was a really big album."

The experience has been eye-opening for Dua Lipa because she finally discovered how much of a mega-superstar she is today.

Separating Her Personal And Private Lives

The singer explained that she wants the focus to always be on the music, and that's why she pushes hard to establish herself as a pop star. With the emergence of cancel culture, making the wrong move can crumble an empire one spent years building, so she's careful not to conflate her personal life with the professional one. She further said that her activism comes from a need to give back to her Kosovar community.

Latest Service95 Issue

Earlier this year, she started a digital newsletter, Service95 which amplifies other activists' voices and draws attention to social justice issues. In the latest release, Dua talks about her Berlin tour stop and gives readers a guide to some of her Berlin must-do’s, a look at food sustainability, and shines the spotlight on cartoonist @takoua.b.m.

The singer also added that she will always support the oppressed because she connects to their plight.