Anna Kendrick In Bikini Sticks Tongue Out

Anna Kendrick close up smiling
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It's not often that Pitch Perfect sensation Anna Kendrick decides to grace us with a picture online, but when she does, it's totally worth the wait! The actress had been MIA from the internet for months until she shared a recent group picture of one of her frequent work trips.

She joined some of her colleagues in Iceland, riding ATV bikes across the Ice and having the time of their lives. Despite not sharing any recent summer-worthy posts, here are some of Kendrick's bikini shots from 2021.

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Celebrating Summer With Her Best Friend

Last fall, she shared a goofy post of herself and one of her best friends, Chrissie, posing in their swimwear from the summer season. While Chrissie's swimsuit is a skintight one-piece with a plunging neckline, Kendrick's is more girly with a checkered pink and white fabric two-piece bikini matching her personality.

She wore a black cat ears headband and paired her swimwear with dark-lens sunshades, then accessorized her look lightly with a thin chain necklace and small clip earrings.

It Is Like Riding A Bike

Sometime later, during that trip, the actress went on a bike ride in her pink bikini top and wore loose-fitted frilly shorts over her bikini bottoms. She told her 20 million-plus followers that she crashed the bike because it was her first time on since she was 11.

Second Time Is The Charm?

She attempted a second time wearing another bikini top and shorts combo, choosing a blue colorway and joking about being pissed her mom wasn't there to hold her hands anymore.

Her V-neck top covered her bust while she protected her eyes with a pink-tinted sunglass. Kendrick also let her hair down instead of tying it in a ponytail as she did before.

"Man, I’m gonna be so pissed when I turn around and my mom isn’t holding on anymore," she wrote.

An Unexpected Link Up

Kendrick's link up with Maude Apatow and Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks was so unexpected that it left fans in shock. However, they're feeling the union because that's a group we didn't know we needed!

In other news, it's been confirmed that Kendrick and Blake Lively would reprise their roles in a second installment of the hit movie A Simple Favor. The synopsis isn't clear yet but it's very feasible since Lively's character didn't die but served time in jail for her crimes.