'Do You Care About The Environment And Skin Health?': Lady Gaga Introduces New Haus Labs Line

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Lady Gaga's streak of success continues as she has set plans to relaunch her new and improved cosmetics brand Haus Labs at Sephora this summer. The announcement was made in early March after a few days of teasing, with a new ethos - "supercharged clean artistry makeup powered by innovation" - signifying the change it brings into the already booming cosmetic industry.

Amazon Bomb

Haus Labs initially launched on Amazon in 2019 to an unforeseen disappointment. The brand failed to make the splash it intended to and this led many of its top talents to jump ship. According to Business Insider, the CEO of Haus Laboratories, Ben Jones "made an emotional appeal to staff in a companywide zoom meeting".

This was done to prevent the ongoing "mass exodus" of talent leaving due to the brand's delay to refurbish and relaunch.


As bleak as things were for the company, they managed to mobilize enough talent to reform themselves into a company that would breathe fresh air into the market. One of the methods was by giving meaning to its name; HAUS, a collective of creatives, scientists, and innovators -- an extension of the Haus of Gaga; and LABS, science, and nature combine to create futuristic formulas.

Clean, Green Cosmetics

The clean makeup brand boasts of its foundations in providing cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and planet-conscious cosmetic products. Every aspect of Haus Labs integrates this spirit, from the use of 100% recyclable materials such as glass, aluminum, cellulose, and PCR resin in their packaging and shipping, to the Carbon-Free black eyeliners and black paints which take the combustion of petroleum products -- releasing harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere -- out of the equation.

In an Instagram post, Lady Gaga wrote:

"Do you care about the environment and skin health when it comes to your makeup? Welcome to @HausLabs. Most black pigments use carbon, made from incomplete combustion of petroleum products, to make the tone as black as possible. Carbon Black can be bad for the earth, your body and your skin. Proudly, our black eyeliners and black paints are CARBON BLACK FREE and rich in color. You can wear your eyeliner with the attitude you live by. We doubled down by adding nourishing ingredients like Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and plant Squalane into the Eco Eyeliners and Hy-Power Pigment Paints - because we wanted the skincare and texture to be just as high-performing as the payoff as well as waterline-safe."

Gaga Surge

The Haus Labs relaunch comes after a succession of projects that Lady Gaga has been involved in lately as she continues to add to her already enviable portfolio. Following the release of House of Gucci in late 2021, where she received the New York Film Critics Circle Award, along with nominations for Best Actress at the BAFTA, Golden Globes, Critic's Choice, and Screen Actor's Guild Award ceremonies.

She co-wrote and co-produced the lead song -- "Hold My Hand" -- to the soundtrack of the recently released box office hit, Top Gun: Maverick, also taking part in composing the score alongside Hans Zimmer and Harold Faltermeyer.