Search Ramps Up For Missing Ohio Woman After Backpack Found

Alicia Kenny
Facebook | Alicia Kenny

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State and local officials are continuing their search for missing 23-year-old woman who has been missing for days from Ohio.

Alicia Kenny Went For An Evening Walk But Never Returned

Alicia Kenny
Facebook | Alicia Kenny

State and local investigators are asking for its help in finding Alicia Kenny, who left her home in Loveland, Ohio Saturday night and never returned.

Alicia Kenny Lives With Her Grandparents In Loveland, Ohio

Alicia Kenny
Facebook | Alicia Kenny

Marcy Kenny told news station WLWT that her daughter lives with her grandparents and left their Loveland home to go for a walk around 8 p.m. on Saturday, yet never returned from her evening stroll.

Marcy Kenny said her daughter loves to connect with nature and would often walk to local parks to write or draw, so it was not unusual or unlike her daughter to do this.

Kenny Always Had Her Backpack

Alicia Kenny and a friend.
Facebook | Alicia Kenny

"When she goes, she always takes her backpack with her. That's something that's extremely close to her heart. Her Bible's in there. She's very religious. Her writings, her drawings, all her notebooks are in that backpack," Marcy Kenny told news station WLWT.

Marcy Kenny said her daughter is extremely religious and always had her bible with her, and would not have willingly left her backpack behind like that, which raises even more concerns for the distraught parents. Alicia Kenny shared many bible verses on her Facebook page, as well as photos of nature.

A Delivery Driver Found Her Backpack

Alicia Kenny
Facebook | Alicia Kenny

Before any of her family members had a chance to report her missing to the police, a delivery driver found her backpack in an undisclosed subdivision not far from her home.

Montgomery police said the delivery driver dropped it off at their department, and then

Montgomery police delivered it to Alicia Kenny's home. Alicia’s phone, ID, and wallet were inside the backpack when it was handed over to the police.

Loveland police released a written statement this week stating that Alicia Kenny was last seen walking along Loveland Madeira Road in Symmes Township early Sunday morning and no foul play is suspected. They did not elaborate on what they thought happened to Alicia or why they are ruling out foul play at this point in time.

Investigators did not know who spotted her or what direction she was headed.

Investigators Continue To Search As Few New Clues Are Released To The Public

The search continues.
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Marcy Kenny said the investigation continued this week, but she had still not heard from her daughter or had any sense of what could have happened to her.

"The investigative team came today to get something that would have her DNA on it. In case she's found, they want to be prepared," Marcy Kenny said. "And just the thought of that takes us to a very deep and dark place that we try hard to avoid. The storms that hit last night, if she was out there alone ... that's a very painful thought."

Kenny’s friends took to Facebook to ask for help in the search and circulate photos of her that could be helpful in finding her.

Loveland police said Alicia Kenny was last seen wearing a white shirt, dark capris, and sandals. She is 23 years old, 5 feet, 1 inch, 110 pounds, with brown hair, and brown eyes.

Alicia Kenny frequents local parks and has no known vehicle, therefore would most likely be on foot. Her mother said she had been in contact with friends on Saturday to get a ride, but did not seem to connect with anyone before she left home.

Police said anyone who may know where Alicia Kenny is should call 911 or Northeast Communications at 513-677-7000.