‘Basketball Wives’ Star Brandi Maxiell Has Another Cancer Scare

Brandi Maxiell
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Claudine Baugh

Brandi Maxiell of Basketball Wives may have had another cancer scare in the latest season 10, episode 6 of the show, which aired on Monday, June 20.

Unknowing of the devastating reveal towards the end of the episode, audiences watched as Brandi reminisced on how supportive her husband Jason Maxiell was during her first bout with the illness.

Jason Shaved His Head

While Brandi and costar Brittish Williams sat and discussed their relationship woes, Maxiell disclosed it was tough staying with Jason after his affair but his support during one of the most tragic times in her life saved their relationship.

“For Jason, for me, I never left that man. Everybody was like ‘oh you need to leave him alone, he’s trash’ but they don’t know the good in him,” Brandi said. “Like Jason was there for me 100% when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The way he supported me, the way that he was there for me, it was on a whole other level.”

 A 2014 flashback clip of Basketball Wives saw Brandi expressing to costar Jackie Christie how moved she was when Jason shaved his head to support her during chemotherapy. 

“Jason was like, ‘Okay watch the game tonight,’ so I turn on the TV and I’m watching the game and I’m like ‘this dude done shave his head! … To do something like that, I’ll never forget that,” Brandi said.

The Cheating

Brittish, who had gone through a long rocky road with her ex-fiancé, Lorenzo Gordon, asked Brandi how was she able to get past Jason’s cheating. “It was very challenging and it was very difficult,” Brandi said. “But I looked at the bigger picture, you know I just really let go of a lot of negativity and then we focused and went to counseling and that was what worked.”

“And sometimes you got to tune out people like your friends, your mom, your cousins, and everybody,” she continued.

Brandi Gets Called Back To The Hospital 

Later on, in the show, Brandi cancels a session at the Basketball Wives interview studio. She tells the executive producer Markus not to be mad but her doctor called her into the hospital. 

“Don’t be mad at me … I gotta cancel the interview today,” she told Markus. “I have to run into the hospital right now and get checked out. I have no idea what’s going on but I’m just going to rush to the hospital.”

Markus offered if he could assist in any way, so Brandi responded, “I’m just gonna go ahead and tell you.”

“They’re worried that it could be cancer and they want to make sure because of all the cancer stuff that I had back in the day,” Brandi said.

“So I’m freaking out, honestly just keep me in your prayers, I don’t know what’s going on.”

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