'Clash Of Clans' More Adorable And Aggressive Than Ever: Three New Ads We're Going To Love [VIDEO]

Jovi Figueroa

Clash of Clans has been one of the most phenomenal apps that completely hooked millions of smartphone users the world over. However, the people behind Clash of Clans are not resting until the whole world is fighting their war.

Developer Supercell has released three new commercials that are treading the fine line between the cuteness and chaos in Clash of Clans. Millions of people are already loving the new ads, and even those at Game 'n' Guide are clamoring for a Clash of Clans animated cartoon series.

Supercell has just released the three new Clash of Clans commercials on their official YouTube page and these will be aired on TV as well.

The first of the three new Clash of Clans commercials is quite lengthy at around a minute, with the famous hog riders at the center of it all. Entitled "Clash of Clans: Ride of the Hog Riders," the commercial gives a sneak peek into the everyday lives of Hog Riders — from bathing together, practicing some form of martial arts together, to playing poker together. The commercial establishes the very nature of the Hog Riders and the relationship between, well, the Hogs and the Riders. This extremely adorable commercial, complete with cute graphics and hilarious voiceovers, will surely appeal to both players and non-players of Clash of Clans.

In the second commercial, much shorter than the first one, we see a typical Clash of Clans air raid. However, of course, the protagonist Hog Rider sees it in another light. Another extremely hilarious interpretation of the Clash of Clans game, the ad shows the Hog Rider dancing around the bombs thrown by the Skeleton-manned Wall Breakers. Of course, why didn't we all see the bomb-dropping fleet as a balloon parade?

The third commercial for Clash of Clans features more of the other Clash of Clans characters. We see Skeleton, Barbarian, and Archer, along with Hog Rider, in the commercial entitled, "Clash of Clans: Shocking Move." An electric shock hits the team, but Skeleton seems unaffected. Complete with an electric dance move that we're pretty sure is a runner-up for the new dance craze, this third commercial is a 16-second feel-good must-see.

The new ads were created by Supercell's agency, Barton F. Graf 9000, Creativity reports. These are a new addition to Clash of Clans' collection of viral hits, already gaining millions of view in YouTube only 24 hours after its release.

Is Supercell's Clash of Clans loss of momentum in terms of its active players the reason why these new ads are getting pushed out? Although Touch Arcade reports that Crossy Road might be overtaking Clash of Clans in its number of active UK players in Q1 2015, no one would argue that Clash of Clans is not going anywhere soon.

After watching the new Clash of Clan ads, who wouldn't want to pick up their mobile phones and join in the clashing of clans?