'GTA V' Players May Have Found The Elusive Six-Star Wanted Level [Video]

Jovi Figueroa

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V came out for the consoles and PC, hardcore GTA fans have been causing real havoc on the streets of Los Santos, trying to test the limits of the new wanted level system. But no matter how much gunpowder is shed, it seems that GTA V could only tag players with a five star wanted level—and this is causing much tension in hushed GTA V conversations all over the web.

GTA has always had six stars. Where is the sixth star in GTA V?

But just last month, several GTA V players seemed to have found the elusive six-star wanted level—but, of course, through not-so-normal means. Patricia Hernandez at Kotaku reports that several posts at Reddit confirms that there are GTA V modders who spotted in the GTA V script the parameters for the sixth star.

Reddit user GlassGoose45 posted at the GTA Chiliad Mystery forums about the six-star wanted level spotted on the GTA V game code. The normal wanted level maximum was:


So is the elusive six-star wanted level in GTA V possible after all? A lot of GTA V players do think it is possible—just undiscovered at the moment. Another GTA V player and Reddit user Gawdor comments on the post by GlassGoose45, noting that in the previous GTA SA, a player that has been tagged with six stars normally had the army and a number of tanks already following his tail. To date, GTA V's maximum five stars only showed tons of FIB chasing the character—no jets, no tanks, no military equipment. So the possibility for the sixth star in GTA V is widely accepted and pondered on.

Another breakthrough by a Reddit user, ClicheUsername, was shown in a video of him actually achieving the sixth star in GTA V. He used Cheat Engine to set the value of his wanted level to six and posted the results of his experiment in Chiliad Mystery.

"So far from playing around with 6 stars, I don't think any law enforcement spawns and comes after you. The cops that attacked me in that video were already there. Which leads me to believe it isn't just a removed wanted level (Because then there should still be normal cops, noose, etc. spawning, right?). Nothing interesting happened at Zancudo or Chiliad at 3am with thunder and the 6 star wanted level. If it's not just something they scrapped, I'd say it probably has to be activated along with other stuff in a certain script to get it to work properly."

While this doesn't yet show how six stars should have altered the game (theoretically, making it more difficult and spawning all sorts of military mayhem), it is an evidence that GTA V could actually display a six-star wanted level.

While there are GTA V players that stay hopeful for the sixth star, a number of GTA V players at the GTA Forums are still very skeptical about it. User Distrom comments on the implausibility of the GTA V wanted level going up to six stars.

"When Michael had a 4 star wanted level in the gameplay trailer, you could see the outline of a fifth star and when Trevor had a 5 start wanted level, you couldn't see anymore outlines. Also, 5 stars is the maximum, it was confirmed in the May 1st previews."