Dwyane Wade's Transgender Daughter Gave Her First Interview Since Coming Out, Says 'It Feels Great'

Brandon Bombay

Dwyane Wade's daughter Zaya Wade gave her first interview since coming out as transgender. She spoke about becoming a spokesperson in the LGBTQ+ community and the importance of helping others find their truth.

The Wades have made a lot of headlines in recent weeks since the Miami Heat legend announced that his 12-year-old daughter — who was given the name Zion at birth — identifies as transgender. Wade and his wife Gabrielle Union have publicly supported Zaya and spoken about getting educated on the preteen's transition.

Recently, the trio attended the sixth annual Truth Awards. This event honors the accomplishments in the LGBTQ+ community over the past year. In her first public appearance since coming out, Zaya wore a green jacket and shirt along with a purple sash, which was coordinated with Wade's purple shirt and Union's green top.

Buzz TV caught up with the family on the red carpet and asked the married couple about supporting Zaya and asked the 12-year-old how it felt to inspire people of all ages and motivate others to "live in their truth." She told the reporter that being a beacon for trans rights feels like her calling.

"It feels great," Zaya said. "I feel like there was always something that was like I was meant to do, but I was never able to find it...I eventually just stopped looking for it and I think I found it."

"I just feel that all people should be able to experience life to the fullest and I think that really includes knowing who you are truly and being able to show other people who you are," the young Wade said.

"I think one thing that we're learning as a family is that we do not have all the answers," the former NBA star said.

He said continuing to seek answers makes them not only better parents but better "allies" to the LGBTQ+ community. Union said the family attended the Truth Award to lend support to a friend who received the Business Leadership Award.