Manchester City Star Kyle Walker Investigated For Throwing 'Sex Party' During U.K. Coronavirus Lockdown

Jonathan Vankin

The English Premier League suspended its season on March 13 due to the fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak. At least one star on the league's defending champion Manchester City has reportedly found a way to occupy his time — by throwing what the British press described as a "sex party."

Manchester City right-back Kyle Walker is under investigation by the team for violating Britain's lockdown order and social distancing requirements, and will likely face a fine from the team, according to a report by ESPN.

On Sunday, The Sun reported that on March 24, Walker, along with a friend, summoned two professional sex workers to his rented luxury apartment in the town of Hale, a suburb of Manchester in northeast England.

The two sex workers were identified as Louise McNamara, 21, and a Brazilian women, who was 24 years old and was not named by the paper. They arrived at Walker's apartment at about 10:30 p.m., according to The Sun account, where they proceeded to engage in what the paper described as "a three-hour sex session."

McNamara said that she was unaware of Walker's identity when she arrived, but the Brazilian sex worker later told her that he was a well-known soccer star. She took several photos of Walker during the party, which were published by The Sun.

Walker and his friend paid the women £2,200, or the equivalent of about $2,700 for the three-hour romp, according to McNamara. The party took place at night on the same day Walker posted the below tweet, urging his fans to abide by the lockdown order and stay home.

"I understand that my position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model," Walker said in the statement, adding his apology to his "family, friends, football club, supporters and the public for letting them down."

In its own statement published in The Manchester Evening News, the Manchester City management said that it was disappointed in the allegations, but had noted Walker's apology and would now start an internal disciplinary proceeding against the 29-year-old English international.

At the end of Saturday, according to The Sun, Britain's National Health Service had reported 49,103 cases of COVID-19 infection, resulting in 4,353 deaths. In the northeast region where Walker resides and plays, there were 4,092 cases of the highly contagious virus.

Walker's "sex party" took place the day after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a nationwide stay-at-home order. Johnson himself has since announced his own positive coronavirus test, and was hospitalized on Sunday.