Kirstie Alley Defends Her Support Of Donald Trump: 'It's Either A Vote For A Republic Or A Vote For Socialism'

Aaron Homer

Kirstie Alley took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend her support of Donald Trump, equating a vote for Joe Biden with a vote for socialism.

On Saturday, the former Cheers actress tweeted that she would be voting for the incumbent president, whom she gave her vote to four years ago.

"I'm sure the white supremacist groups will love it," wrote one user.

"Or your 1 follower that you accumulated in a year," Kirstie tweeted in reply.

On Monday, she tweeted that she had voted, taking advantage of her state's absentee voting. That tweet was similarly met with derision.

On Tuesday, she defended her decision to endorse Trump and vote for him again, while at the same time equating Biden's platform with socialism.

"I'm voting for a system. I've narrowed it down for myself. It's either a vote for a republic or a vote for socialism," she tweeted.

She also referenced the expected backlash, noting that there is room for differing political views while still maintaining civility.

"It's ok if you disagree. We can still be friends..standing together in the gas station lines if your team wins," she added.

As was the case with her previous tweets in support of Trump, she got dragged in the comments by users who are not fans of the 45th president.

Several rejected the comparison of Biden's platform to socialism.

"It's not socialism. It's Democratic Socialism. Examples of what good it can do for a country are found in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, just to mention a few," tweeted one user.

Another accused her of not thinking for herself.

"You're just parroting Trump," they tweeted.

She also got some support. A commenter wrote on Twitter that she was in a minority by taking such a position and was attacked for it before thanking her for taking a stand.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Alley has supported Trump throughout his presidency, while at the same time advocating for civility. During her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018, she and another houseguest started to get into an argument about politics. She went into another room before things got too rancorous.