Soccer Great Diego Maradona In Recovery After Successful Brain Surgery To Remove Blood Clot

Tracey Johnson

Soccer icon Diego Maradona is in recovery after undergoing brain surgery. Reuters reported that he was treated for a subdural hematoma, a blood clot on the brain, and the operation was a success.

Leopoldo Luque, Maradona's neurosurgeon and personal physician, told the press that he was satisfied with the outcome. He addressed a small crowd outside the clinic where the football legend was being hospitalized.

"I was able to evacuate the hematoma successfully and Diego tolerated the procedure very well," the doctor said. "The steps now are observation, but it is controlled. It will depend on how he does. It is not highly complex, but it is still brain surgery."

According to Reuters, the physician earlier called the procedure "routine" and said that Maradona had been "lucid" when he agreed to it. The doctor noted that the operation had taken about 80 minutes and that the sports star was "under control."

"He has a small drain [to remove fluid] that we are planning to take out tomorrow," the physician told a crowd of about 50 people, indicating that Maradona would require an additional minor procedure.

Fans, many with posters, started chanting "Diego!" as they celebrated the good news.

Luque tried to be positive as he expanded on Maradona's condition, according to ESPN.

"His stay at the hospital will depend on his evolution. But the start of his recovery was great. The way he reacted after the surgery is promising."

Luque stated that Maradona was "not well psychologically and that has an impact on his physical wellbeing."

However, on Tuesday, November 3, an MRI scan revealed the subdural hematoma. The operation took place at the Olivos Clinic, where he was later transferred from Ipensa.

From the onset, the blood clot removal was a potential risk for the sports star because of his general health. Since his 1997 retirement, the former football star has struggled with respiratory and heart problems, following years of drug and alcohol addiction. In January 2019, he was hospitalized for bleeding in his stomach.

Widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Maradona celebrated his 60th birthday on Friday. He still plays an active role in the world of football as he manages the first-division side Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata.