Danielle Moinet Sports Racy Lingerie As a Valentine's Day Treat For Her Fans

Kieran Fisher

Danielle Moinet, otherwise known as Summer Rae from her time as a pro wrestler, took to Instagram over the weekend and shared a sultry snap with her 1.7 million followers, much to their delight.

The former WWE superstar uploaded an underwear pic to give her adoring fans a special treat on Valentine's Day, and her efforts went down a storm with the social media users.

In the pic, the flame-haired bombshell rocked a black lace lingerie set that exposed her tight abs and an ample amount of cleavage. Her enviable legs made an appearance in the shot too, but the camera mainly focused on her upper body for the shot.

The former wrestler let her left bra strap slide down her arm, and she used her adjacent hand to grab onto her hair. Her face boasted a confident expression as she stared into the camera, commanding all of the attention.

In the accompanying caption, Moinet showed off her humorous side by sharing her own Valentine's Day commandment. The image and its accompanying message also gained a lot of positive feedback.

Over 21,000 social media users have hit the like button at the time of this writing. Many of them also took a moment to give the former WWE standout a compliment in the replies section.

"[There's] something about @daniellemoinet that separates her from the rest," a second social media user noted.

"Dang Danielle.....just keep breaking hearts," wrote a third fan, seemingly upset that Moinet wasn't their Valentine this year.

"Sexy Danielle, [I] hope to see you do more movies. I hope you will get a bigger part," another fan stated.

In addition to being a model and a wrestler, Moinet has also been a captivating screen presence in movies in the past. She previously starred in Beckman and The Marine 4: Moving Target, but some of her admirers want to see her in more roles at some point.

Moinet has also delighted her audience with a slew of racy snaps in recent weeks. As The Inquisitr previously documented, she previously took to the aforementioned image-sharing platform and posted a still on her sporting a bodysuit.

As The Inquisitr article highlighted, she has also been prone to sharing lingerie pics in recent weeks. That upload was also popular among her audience, gaining thousands of likes and positive feedback in the replies section.