Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Cyrus Taunts Portia As She Wonders About Britt

Stacy Carey

Viewers have a lot to look forward to with Wednesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Cyrus will be doing his bit of stirring things up at GH, but it seems that Portia will be quite skeptical of buying into any of it.

Cyrus is running General Hospital these days and insists he's a legitimate businessman these days. Few people necessarily believe him, and Portia is near the top of that list. The sneak peek for the February 17 episode reveals that these two are about to do have another fairly tense conversation.

The General Hospital preview reveals that Portia and Cyrus will be standing near the elevator and he'll note that the winds of change are blowing through GH. She looks wary and skeptical as she listens to him, and she surely won't be any more tolerant of him here than she absolutely has to be.

It appears that Cyrus will be getting a bit of a kick out of whatever it is he's talking about here. On the one hand, he remains furious about his mother's disappearance and he is doing everything he can to get her back.

At the same time, he has all sorts of nefarious plans related to General Hospital. Teasers signal that this upcoming conversation will have Portia all the more curious about his ulterior motives.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Portia will be quite concerned about how Cyrus might be using Britt. He brought Britt in as chief of staff a few months ago, and so far, she's made it seem as if she's following his orders.

However, General Hospital viewers know that Britt's learned a lot since accepting her job. Jason has doled out quite a few warnings and she's no longer blindly following Cyrus' leadership. For now, Jason is probably the only person who realizes that about her.

There was previously a discussion between Portia, Jordan, and Curtis about Britt. They were trying to figure out who else Cyrus might be using to get what he wants, and Britt's name did pop up on their radar. Whatever it is that happens during Wednesday's episode of General Hospital seems to leave Portia all the more suspicious of what Britt might be doing.

General Hospital spoilers tease that later this week, Britt will confide in Jason again. Cyrus will tear into Brando for some reason and Portia will spend more time with Curtis. Britt will be in need of help in the coming days, and it sounds as if this Cyrus-related cat-and-mouse game will get quite intense over the next few shows.