Whitney Cummings' Beige Bra Gets Relentlessly Roasted By Comedian Annie Lederman In Response To Dance Video

Treva Bowdoin

Whitney Cummings embraced the trend of wearing a brasserie as a top while filming a TikTok-style dance video, but one of her pals was not impressed with her choice of undergarment.

On Tuesday, Whitney, 38, took to Instagram to show off her dance moves. In her caption, she jokingly expressed a desire to be "relevant," and she attempted to accomplish this by taking on the "I'm So Pretty" challenge. Her video included a sound that's popular on TikTok: a snippet of the song "So Pretty" by Reyanna Maria. Users play the song over footage of themselves going makeup-free and dressing casually. They bop their camera with their hand to the beat of the tune, and they create a transition for the end of the video. As Reyanna begins singing the chorus, they move their hand to reveal that they're now all dressed up and rocking a glamorous hairstyle and beauty look.

Whitney did things a bit differently. She was already glammed up with neon blue eyeshadow that almost matched the color of her dyed mane. Her eyebrow hair was combed up, and she wore her blue-and-purple hair pulled up in a high ponytail. The camera moved back away from her to reveal that she was wearing a pair of blush sweatpants, a beige bra, and white no-show socks. Her top boasted a bralette style with a high neckline and adjustable shoulder straps. It was crafted out of thin fabric with a satiny sheen.

Whitney began bobbing her head and dancing to the music. She squatted down low and moved her knees inward and outward, and she stayed down low while approaching the camera, crossing her ankles as she stepped. She also lifted up her right foot and gave it a solid side smack.

"I can't believe you got away with digging up your grandmother's grave and stealing her bra," Annie wrote.

"I can't believe you have enough money to buy Anne Frank's actual bra. And kinda rude you stretched it out," read one of her most-liked brasserie burns.

She also cracked that the garment "should be preserved inside a glass case with security around it making sure no one touches it."

Whitney isn't shy when it comes to showing off her undergarments on social media. For a holiday-themed photoshoot, the funnywoman posed with the back of her elegant green gown lifted up to show off her scanty panties.