'Most Beautiful Girl In The World' Thylane Blondeau Rocks Space Buns With Pantsless Look

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Thylane Blondeau pulled off space buns and proved that it's easy looking great in green when you're one of the world's hottest young models. The 19-year-old French Instagram influencer was deemed "The Most Beautiful World" years ago, and she has continued to receive praise for her good looks while working in the fashion industry. As proven by her latest Instagram share, she's a pro at looking effortlessly stylish and never has to wear anything too over-the-top to turn heads. However, her lack of visible bottoms elevated her outfit from casual to sexy. 

Gorgeous In Green

Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain

Thylane rocked the color associated with envy and money splendidly in her double-photo slideshow. Her outfit included an oversize hooded sweat top that was a muted forest green hue. It was made out of thick, textured fabric with a smooth waistband and cuffs. 

The top was more in line with the casual everyday looks that the model sports in her candid social media pics than the glamorous outfits that she wears on the runway and in print ads. In fact, a tag revealed that it was a design from her own No Smile clothing line. 

No Pants In Sight

Thylane stayed true to her apparel brand's name by keeping the corners of her plump pout straight in her first photo. Instead, she exuded attitude by fixing her piercing blue eyes on the camera and slightly narrowing them while crossing her arms. 

For the second pic, the photographer pulled back a bit to reveal the lower half of her look. Her sweat top had roomy front pockets and extra-long sleeves that covered her hands. The garment's hemline fell to the tops of her slender thighs, which were totally bare. She finished her pantsless ensemble with a pair of knee-high boots that were color-coordinated with her top. They looked like streamlined Wellingtons that had been given a modern makeover.

Fun With Space Buns

Thylane accessorized her minimalist outfit with understated bling; her only visible jewelry was a silver earring shaped like a safety pin. However, she gave her look a playful touch with her choice of hairstyle. She wore her highlighted brunette hair parted down the middle and partially pulled up into messy space buns. Two tendrils framed her face, and her free locks fell over her shoulders in natural waves. 

Thylane doesn't usually make drastic changes to her hair, but she did experiment with a chin-length dark wig with bangs in one recent selfie.   

Stone-Cold Stunner

Gettyimages | Pascal Le Segretain


Thylane took advantage of some good natural lighting by posing outdoors in front of a stone wall. The setting complemented her smooth, porcelain skin. 

Her promotional photoshoot for her label was a huge hit with her fans, who have liked her post over 88,000 times thus far. 

"You just keep getting prettier and prettier," read one message left in the comments section.

"Love this look," wrote another admirer. 

As reported by The Inquisitr, Thylane previously thrilled her fans by rocking a tied-up top and showing off her undies.