Sharp Dressed Man: 4 Tips On How To Dress Better

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Alexandra Lozovschi

ZZ Top certainly got it right: a sharp-dressed man will always enjoy more than his fair share of female attention. But dressing well is more than just about earning favor with the ladies; it's also about self-worth and self-respect, as well as expressing your personal style and sense of individuality.

Although finding a style that works for you can prove tricky if you don't know where to look, there are a few time-tested tips and tricks that will help you look smart and spotless no matter what you put on.

Here are a few suggestions on how to level up your sartorial know-how.

Go For Classic Pieces

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It may be cliche, but cliches work for a reason: you can never go wrong with the classics as they never go out of style and will always provide a solid basis upon which to build your wardrobe.

"These are those largely unchanging garments that have formed the bedrock of men’s style for many decades – from button-down shirts to Oxford shoes, straight-fit jeans to two-button, single-breasted navy suits," states Ape To Gentleman.

The secret to dressing well is having the basics covered and experimenting with details and accessories, such as a versatile watch, a stylish leather belt that matches your shoe leather, dress socks for your dress shoes, as well as an inspired shirt and tie combination.

"It’s in the accessories that you can express your individuality to anyone who’s looking for it," notes Ape To Gentleman.

Don't be afraid to show some flair with pops of color and highlight patterns on pocket squares, scarves, or jewelry.

"Classic does not necessarily mean boring – you still style them in your own way."

Pay Attention To Color, Texture, Pattern & Proportion

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As Ape To Gentleman so eloquently points out, "you don’t have to dress like an undertaker" to look elegant. While you might be under the impression that somber, elementary styles work best for men, that's largely a misconception.

"Color, pattern, and proportion not only add interest to your clothing, they can help keep you interested in it too. Yes, they are tricky to master. You can expect to make some mistakes. But be bold and experiment occasionally."

Another important thing to remember is to not shy away from textures, as these can truly "elevate an outfit."

"Tactile fabrics like corduroy, silk, suede, and fleece can generate a sense of depth or help to create a focal point."

Scroll through the embed below for inspiration.

Mix Upscale Pieces With Everyday Essentials

Spice up your style by experimenting with high-low dressing -- a technique that allows you to mix upscale pieces with everyday essentials to either play up or tone down a look. It's a great way to dress up casual pieces or dress down smarter ones, depending on what the occasion calls for.

"Try taking a more relaxed approach to tailoring by swapping the shirt out for a tee and the Oxford shoes out for some luxe leather sneakers," advises Ape To Gentleman. "Dress up a workwear staple like an overshirt with smarter pieces like cropped wool trousers, a fine-gauge roll neck, and leather Derby shoes."

Find Your Personal Style & Be Authentic

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As with everything else that you do, dressing well is all about being authentic and finding your inner voice. While it's perfectly natural to look for style advice and inspiration, don't strive to copy others but rather find what suits you best -- and own it.

"Look at what colors go best with your skin tone, which cut of denim fits your body type best, and even take your face shape into consideration when deciding on your next haircut."

Once you have a good grasp of what flatters you, stick with it. It might even be useful to have a "weekday uniform," even if your job doesn't require one. That way, you won't have to pick your outfit every day but rather swap out different colors for your essentials and get creative with the details.

Whatever you end up choosing, make sure you dress for your age and feel comfortable in what you're wearing, particularly on a psychological level. When you feel good in your clothes, it projects self-confidence and it makes you even more noticeable and -- why not? -- memorable.