How To Use Your Smartphone For Stress Relief

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Alexandra Lozovschi

We've all heard about social media's potential negative impacts on mental health -- studies have linked it to depression and loneliness -- so being on your phone might seem counterproductive when you're trying to manage stress. However, things couldn't be farther from the truth.

In fact, Verywell Mind argues that your smartphone "can be one of the best stress management tools available" if you're using it for the right purpose.

Here are six ways to use your phone for stress relief and open up a world of relaxation at your fingertips.

Listen To Meditation Music

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There's nothing like meditation to bring about a state of calmness and relaxation. If you find it hard to loosen up, the easiest thing you can do is pop on your headphones and hit play on a meditation soundtrack.

Make your own playlist or head over to Spotify for inspiration, and get your chill on wherever you are. Find 20 minutes to listen to some tranquil tunes whether you're at home, in the park, or even during your commute. Just shut off your brain and focus on the music.

"This helps you be fully present 'in the now,' which is a form of meditation!​" says Verywell Mind.

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Relax With Some Spa Sounds

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"Relaxing in the tub and taking care of your body is another great way to de-stress," notes the media outlet, once again pointing to music as a way of relieving tension.

Comfort yourself with a soothing playlist of spa sounds and feel the stress and anxiety melt away.

"Just close the door, dock your phone, and feel like you’re truly escaping to a spa."

Listening to spa podcasts is another great way of clearing your mind and unwinding in the pursuit of inner calm.

Boost Serotonin With An Exercise Soundtrack

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You don't have to fully mellow out in order to stave off stress. Working out is just as beneficial for the mind as it is for the body -- it's great for stress management, while also keeping you in good shape. So why not combine your sweating sessions with a fire workout playlist and reap the benefits of a double serotonin boost?

"Just plug in the earphones and go!" advises Veywell Mind.

Use this method for your home workouts, at the gym, on your walks, or while you're out jogging or cycling.

Unwind With A Cleaning Playlist & Make Chores Fun

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It's no secret that getting rid of clutter can work wonders for relieving tension. Keep stress at bay by maintaining an organized living space. To make your chores a lot more fun, pick out a cleaning playlist and dock your phone so that you can enjoy some upbeat music anywhere in the house.

"What normally feels like a chore can feel almost like a party if you have the right music!" says Verywell Mind.

Try An Audiobook

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Working on yourself to achieve personal growth is another solid step toward safeguarding your mental health.

"Sometimes having a hobby, learning something new, or otherwise having a creative outlet is just what is needed to breathe new life into a stressful day," explains Verywell Mind.

If you're not sure where your phone comes into this, think audiobooks -- either for self-help or for learning new skills.

"You can listen to enriching audiobooks on your phone and learn a new language or explore a new topic while you move about your life."

Get Your Laugh On

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You've heard it said that laughter is the best medicine, and that also applies to stress management. There are many ways in which laughter can curb stress. It acts on a hormonal level, reducing cortisol and releasing dopamine. It's also good for physical release and it gives you an internal workout.

"A good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm, contracts the abs, and even works out the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterward," notes Verywell Mind.

Use your phone for some good laughs by downloading your favorite comedian's podcast or watching funny videos on YouTube.

"Sometimes a small laugh is all it takes to change your attitude and get into a lighthearted mood, with more laughs to follow."