3 Best Running Shirts For Men

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Jacob Highley

Running is a timeless sport and form of exercise. According to online sources, running has existed “as long as legs have existed.”

But not all running accessories are created equal. Furthermore, some kinds of apparel in particular are less suited for this athletic pastime.

That’s why today we’ll be cover the four best running shirts for men; detailing why these are the best athletic tops that men need today.

It isn’t a matter of opinion either. There are specific things to consider when picking athletic apparel:

  1. Ventilation
  2. Sweat Absorption
  3. Athletic Fit
  4. Brand

How Do I Know Which Shirt Is Right?

What kind of person are you? Some people sweat more than others, so a shirt that absorbs sweat is going to be a big priority. The material shouldn’t be too think either since that will cause you to heat up faster. Dissipating heat and absorbing sweat is going to be important.

Another point to consider is whether an athletic fit is going to work well for you. Some brands are going to focus on showing off your physique and having less material against the wind as you run, but others aren't made this way.


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1. Under Armour HeatGear

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Choosing the appropriate size isn’t as simple as picking your usual T-shirt size. This is because the athletic shirts are going to have an “athletic fit” hugging your body. If you’ve ever tried an athletic top on, then you already know why choosing a size up could be advantageous.

The brand is a big deal, you don’t want to wear something that isn’t made by a reputable company with standards.

That's why Under Armour is a go-to brand for athletic shirts. Even martial artists in Brazilian Jujitsu like these shirts because they can double as a rash guard!

2. Roadbox Sleeveless Shirts

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Maybe you don’t want sleeves? Roadbox has continued to supply high quality sleeveless shirts to athletes everywhere. Their sleek design, color choices and easy price point make them a go-to option for athletic shirts for men.

The company says that they focus on using customer input and the latest sports technology to develop clothing that will serve you wonderfully. (And when you’ve finally worked yourself up to exercise, the last thing you want is uncomfortable shirts ruining your motivation right?)

3. Columbia Men's PFG Terminal Long Sleeve

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Another option for athletes includes athletic long sleeve shirts. The Columbia PFG Terminal series is a wonderful way of combining sweat absorption with insulation.

Athletes who work out in cold gyms or early in the morning find themselves drenched in sweat trying to stay warm, so these athletic long sleeves have dominated the market for runners everywhere. Those early mornings don’t have to always have a hoodie now!

They also come in a variety of colors and are definitely worthwhile for the low entry price point!