Chloë Grace Moretz Bolsters LGBTQ+ Bond With 'Coming Out'

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Isidora Rajsic

With a career path that’s been peppered with quite a diverse palette of acting and producing roles, Chloë Grace Moretz continues to keep us on our toes to what enticing project she’s aiming to sink her teeth into next. Most recently, Moretz, 24, has appeared in The Addams Family 2, voicing the existentially-shaken Wednesday Addams and will next star as Georgia, an expectant mother who is facing an unforeseen war with artificial intelligence in the sci-fi thriller Mother/Android, slated to premiere in December.

The Guessing Game

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The Georgia native began acting at age 6 and has been quite open about her intent to avoid predictability when it comes to her craft and, as it turns out, her personal life. “I never want to be pigeonholed into one specific genre, and I think for me, I want to keep myself guessing,” she said. “I try to follow my heart and listen to where I am currently and not guess too far in front of myself,” the Miseducation of Cameron Post star revealed to Yahoo News in a recent interview.

Coming Out

Moretz has executive-produced Coming Out, a six-part Snap Original series that shines the light on young members of the LGBTQ+ community as they navigate the intricate layers of their coming out journey, sharing intimate milestones while supported by CEO of Lunar Beauty and bonafide queer icon, Manny MUA. Coming Out is a show, "I feel so passionate about. I hope it is a show that will help to save lives by sharing what coming out means to each individual — that no single ‘coming out’ story is the same, each one is unique,” says Moretz. In her personal life, she has publicly dated both men and women, while not feeling a particular desire to comment on her sexual orientation or any other form of labelling. “I really feel that it should be up to the person, whatever you feel you need to do to be your truest self — express yourself!” she told Yahoo News.

Spreading the Love

Following her widely publicized long-term relationship – and subsequent breakup, in 2018 – with Brooklyn Beckham, Moretz reportedly dated model Kate Harrison, 31. While the duo was snapped kissing on dates and joint vacations, allegedly even moving in together in Los Angeles, Moretz kept her privacy walls up high and neglected to comment on her status. “I love anonymity in life. It is something that I truly cherish," says the Kick-Ass star, while she also makes a point of consciously using her platfrom to 'spread love and change' through her personal perspective and views.

Stepping Forward

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Whether it’s acting, producing, activism or another form of expression that we are yet to experience from Chloë Grace Moretz (she has teased the possibility of directing in the future), what is abundantly clear is that she'll continue her path of making truthful choices, both professionally and privately, ensuring the change she contributes to the world is informed and meaningful.