Inside Anna Kendrick & Blake Lively's Off-Screen Relationship

Alexandra Lozovschi

What's going on between Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively? Some people on the internet seem to think the A Simple Favour co-stars do not get along and have been at odds with each other ever since their movie premiered in 2018, with feud rumors reigniting earlier this year on TikTok.

Since neither celebrity has publicly addressed their alleged dispute, fans have been diligently digging up old interviews to get to the bottom of this, per Pedestrian.

While some evidence seemingly points to dissension between the Pitch Perfect star, and the Gossip Girl alum, other people argue that's just their "sarcastic personality."

Here's everything to know about Kendrick and Lively's off-screen relationship.

How They Met

Although Kendrick, 36, and Lively, 34, only worked together that one time, the Hollywood stars have known each other since they were teenagers. In a joint interview for BuzzFeed back in 2018, Lively reminisced about their first encounter, gushing over her co-star in what Kendrick described as "Compliment Fest 5000."

“The first time I met you, we were, like, 18 or 19, and I remember being nervous. We met through friends, and it was right after the premiere of Rocket Science, and you were just so good and I was just like, oh you’re so funny and charming. I was like, wow, this girl’s really cool,” said Lively, with the Twilight actress graciously returning the compliments.

"Aw, she’s nice," said Kendrick, when went on to add: "It was great to have that kind of partner-in-crime vibe with you."

According to BuzzFeed, the actresses have been friends since 2014 when Kendrick starred opposite Lively's husband, Ryan Reynolds, in The Voices, with Glamour also remarking on their "cute friendship" earlier this August.

Scroll through the embed below for photos of Kendrick and Lively at their movie's Paris premiere in September 2018.

Blocked On Instagram?

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Despite Kendrick claiming she blocked Lively on Instagram in a resurfaced 2018 interview, the two actresses continue to follow each other on social media, notes HITC, with the outlet stressing that "it looks like the pair are still on good terms."

Even in said YouTube interview, which people are now interpreting as evidence of bad blood between the two, Kendrick makes the revelation in a humorous, bantery way. Check it out below.

A quick search on YouTube pulls up several videos of the duo making each other laugh and pranking one another while on press tour for A Simple Favor.

Meanwhile, nobody can deny their on-screen chemistry, especially since their movie famously had a kissing scene of which Kendrick has said: "We were the mintiest, freshest two people to have ever kissed in the history of America. Call Guinness.”

Watching some of their interviews, it looks like the Into The Woods star and the Green Lantern actress had good rapport while promoting their movie together.

What Kendrick Said About Lively & Reynolds

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One of their old interviews has sparked debate among fans about the true nature of their relationship. In the clip, given below, Kendrick described meeting Lively for the first time, saying "I thought she seemed nice, and little did I know." She went on to tell her co-star not to touch her, with fans speculating there was tension between them based on their seemingly "stilted" body language and facial expressions.

However, others are pointing out that's just how the pair joke around with each other, putting it all down to playful banter.

The same attitude transpired in the BuzzFeed interview as well when Lively described coming in late on set one day and having Kendrick wait for her for one hour, to which the Trolls star jokingly replied: "That was the day I decided I hate you.

Nevertheless, it has also been emphasized that Kendrick and Lively did promo for their movie separately after that point, with The Shallows star making a solo appearance on Good Morning America to talk about A Simple Favour.

Even so, Kendrick had nothing but compliments for her absent co-star when she went on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Having worked with both Lively and Reynolds at that point, she said the couple was "sinfully good together" and shared the same "dark and funny" nature.

TikTok Feud Rumors

While we can't say for sure if there's any truth to the rumored feud between Kendrick and Lively -- as one fan eloquently put it, "I think it’s really difficult when people have this sort of humor where you don’t really know if they’re joking or not" -- the TikTok account named Celebrity Memoir Bookclub claims to have all the tea about their supposed discord.

In a video uploaded on April 7, the TikToker alleged that “by the end of A Simple Favour, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick were not speaking" to each other. They went on to say that the actresses "were basically enemies and their press tours had to be booked separately.”

With users questioning the validity of the information, the TikToker released a second video revealing they got the details from a Lionsgate employee who confirmed that “the rumors are true.”

According to the TikToker, the studio employee reached out via DM to reveal “they HATED each other."

"The studio even had to have a talk with them about making it look like they liked each other on press tours because it was starting to get obvious,” read the message, per Pedestrian. “Anna in particular was really competitive with Blake and was constantly asking to make sure she got more promotion than Blake and even made us PHOTOSHOP HER CLEAVAGE in the Simple Favour poster to be as big (or bigger) than Blake’s.”

Taylor Swift Drama

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While fans are still divided on this one, it has also been claimed that the alleged conflict between Kendrick and Lively reportedly arose back in September 2017 and that Taylor Swift was somehow involved.

According to tabloid magazine Star (now InTouch Weekly), the A Simple Favour co-stars clashed after Kendrick criticized Swift's infamous girl squad multiple times, of which Lively is also part. All of this reportedly transpired one month into filming, with Kendrick refusing to stop despite Lively's requests.

The story hasn't been confirmed by reps of either star and even though some fans insist there's no drama brewing between the actresses, others are not convinced.