Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Unicorn Birthday Gains

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Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco can always be relied on for something a little off-beat, and she delivered just this in a recent Instagram share. The 35-year-old sitcom star hasn't yet celebrated her birthday - it's on November 30 - but she was thrown an early birthday party by her crew on The Flight Attendant, one coming ahead of the weekend and involving some unicorn action.

Posting for her 7 million Instagram followers, the girl behind Penny shared some "Trailer Rules" via a poster, one coming cartoon-style and with a unicorn.

Unicorn Birthday Vibes

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Scroll for the photo. Kaley had taken to her stories while on-set for Season 2 of the HBO Max series. It looks like the Big Bang star got thrown an ad-hoc party, one including sister Briana Cuoco, who stars on the show, plus Kaley's assistant Emma Ross.

Meanwhile, a permanent photo showing a colorful and child-friendly poster was shared on Kaley's IG. It portrayed a multicolor unicorn in an amusement ride setup, with a list of rules accompanying a "best bday gift ever" caption.

See The Snap Below

The list of rules included "DO NOT KNOCK unless it's an emergency" and "TEXT ME IF YOU NEED ME," plus a "BEWARE OF THE DOG" - the latter came complete with a photo of Kaley's 2020-acquired chihuahua Dumptruck Dumpy. "Thank you for respecting the rules!" the poster added.

Meanwhile, a caption from the popular blonde told fans: "Got to work and received the best bday gift ever. Had to go on the grid. Finally a trailer sign that suits me šŸ˜‚ šŸ¦„ thank you @jaymeleighhh & @emmamadelineross for the brilliance and joy šŸŒˆ." More below.

Landing New Comedy Gig

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Kaley, who celebrated her 35th birthday while still with now-ex Karl Cook last year, is looking up amid her September divorce announcement. She's even landed herself a brand new comedy gig, one taking her back into the sitcom arena. Kaley will guest star in the upcoming Season 11 of Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm series.

"When a check off your bucket list ends up being the best experience ever šŸ˜… thank you everyone @curbyourenthusiasm for this moment in time!" Kaley wrote on Instagram.

Gettin' Paid!!!

The Olly partner has even landed herself a new promo gig fronting beauty giant Clarins. Posing in a white bathrobe this fall and brandishing a jar of Clarins cream, Cuoco told her followers:

"Iā€™m obsessed with @clarinsusa products! They have the best ingredients and their own signature application methods. They taught me the proper application techniques so I can teach you. Watch out guys ā€“ going from flight attendant to expert facialist! #clarinsskincare #clarinspartner."

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