Leg Thought To Be Brian Laundrie's Has Been Identified

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Couple Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito went on a cross-country trip this summer, but only the former returned home -- in his girlfriend's Ford Transit van.

Petito's body was found near Wyoming's Grand Trenton National Park in September, while Laundrie's remains were found a month later at the Carlton reserve in Sarasota County, Florida.

Amateur investigators and online sleuths paid close attention to the case, floating a number of theories that have since been debunked.

Yet another interesting internet theory was debunked this week. Read more below.

Leg Found

On November 11, fishermen in McKay Bay, Tampa found a human leg.

As The Sun reported, one of the fishermen told the press at the time that he saw a lump that looked like a catfish.

"As it gets closer to me, I start realizing it looks more like a human leg," the man said.

As soon as the media was notified of the discovery, online sleuths started speculating that the leg could have belonged to Laundrie, though there was never any evidence to support their claims.

Leg Belonged To 'Dismembered' Woman

The leg has been identified as belonging to Stephanie Crone-Overholts.

Stephanie vanished while she was staying with a man named Robert Kessler. According to authorities, Kessler murdered Stephanie and dismembered her body. He has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and abuse of a body.

Kessler was allegedly seen "throwing items" into a bay at the time of Stephanie’s disappearance.

Police officers realized the leg was not Laundrie's when they discovered a tattoo on the lower right calf that showed three hearts and displayed the names Sean, Greg, and Zach.

How Did Laundrie Die?

Internet sleuths have speculated that Laundrie might have been killed and eaten by alligators, but coroners ruled in November that he died by suicide, from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Forensics expert Jennifer Shen told The Sun that all evidence suggests Laundrie killed Petito, escaped, and then took his own life.

"While we will have to wait for the completion of the investigation, which will likely include attempts to examine and decipher the notebook, the circumstances seem pretty clear, and not that unusual. There is no indication at this time there are other individuals involved," Shen said.

Laundrie's Parents

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Lawyer Steven Bertolino, who represents Laundrie's parents, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, issued a statement after the coroner's report.

"Chris and Roberta are still mourning the loss of their son and are hopeful that these findings bring closure to both families," Bertolino said.

But, as The Inquisitr previously reported, some believe Chris and Roberta helped their son escape.

According to experts, if investigations prove Chris and Roberta helped their son escape, they could be charged with being accessories after the fact to murder.