Penelope Cruz is Playing One of the Most 'Difficult Characters' in 'Madres Paralelas'

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Lindsay Cronin

Penelope Cruz's latest film, Madres Paralelas, made its debut at the 78th Venice Film Festival earlier this year after the festival's opening ceremony and according to the actress, it wasn't the easiest project she's taken on.

As a report from the Insider in September 2021 explained, the film features the story of two women who cross paths with one another at a hospital, where they are both due to give birth.

"I think this is one of the most difficult characters I've ever played but it has allowed me to learn a lot about myself," Cruz told journalists at a press conference.

Honored to Be a Part of the Film

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Cruz said that her time on the set of the film "was an overwhelming journey, and a gift" and added that "it was an honor to be part of something so important."

While Cruz was certainly excited to see the film make its debut months ago, the event wasn't without controversy as a number of people couldn't quickly access the event.

According to Deadline, Madres Paralelas began playing at the festival without its full list of guests because they were stuck in line.

Long Lines

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Prior to the start of the film, long lines began to form at the screening of Madres Paralelas due to the COVID-19 restrictions put into place and the usual security checks. So, when the film started, many ticket holders were frustrated to learn that they would have to wait, and would ultimately miss at least a portion of Cruz's new project.

When the Insider arrived to the event, they saw plenty of long lines -- and not a whole lot of social distancing.

Inspiration Behind 'Madres Paralelas'

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Speaking to Variety in February of this year, Pedro Almodóvar, the film's Oscar-winning director revealed how his personal life inspired the flick.

“With ‘Madres paralelas’ I return to the female universe, to motherhood, to the family. I speak of the importance of ancestors and descendants. The inevitable presence of memory. There are many mothers in my filmography, the ones that are part of this story are very different,” he said.

Almodóvar went on to say that when it comes to mothers, he's never looking for perfection in female figures.

'Imperfect Mothers'

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Continuing on to the outlet, Almodóvar said that he is inspired by "imperfect mothers" before discussing the stars of his film.

"As a storyteller, imperfect mothers inspire me most at this time. Penélope Cruz, Aitana Sánchez Gijón and the young Milena Smit will play the three mothers in the film, accompanied by Israel Elejalde as the main male character. It is also a collaboration with my beloved Julieta Serrano and Rossy de Palma. ‘Parallel Mothers’ will be an intense drama. Or so I hope,” he stated.