Kaley Cuoco Goes Full Ninja In Skintight Black Bodysuit

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Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is channeling her inner ninja. The 36-year-old sitcom star, fresh from celebrating her birthday, is now in Iceland, where a photo on her Instagram stories this weekend brought a little bodysuit action.

Posting for her 7 million followers on Saturday night, The Flight Attendant star threw out her signature sense of humor alongside her killer figure, and it was a major ninja affair as Kaley barely showed her face in the all-in-one black getup. Check out the action below and more.

Ninja Alert

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Kaley's snap brought in actor Griffin Matthews, this year starring on Season 2 of HBO Max thriller The Flight Attendant. The photo showed Matthews seated in a hoodie and turning around to look up at Kaley, who had snuck up behind him. The Big Bang Theory alum, all incognito, stood in a tight and black turtleneck bodysuit, one clinging to her every curve and highlighting her gym-honed body.

Kaley had also gone for a hood/hat finish, with wisps of her blonde hair covering the already limited face on show.

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The repost came from assistant Emma Ross' account. She wrote that Griffin had "spotted a ninja." She also tagged newly-single Kaley, this fall making headlines for her shock divorce announcement - it's over between Kaley and 2018-married husband Karl Cook.

Kaley has been opening up this year. Not so much on the split, where she and Karl asked for "privacy," but on her life, her career, and switching from her trademark comedy to thriller. Her Yes, Norman Productions company produces hit thriller TFA.

Cake She Doesn't Deserve

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Speaking to W Magazine, the blonde revealed:

"You know, it’s really wild. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and I’ve never had a moment like that. I love being an actor."

"Simply put, I’ve never known another life. I’ve never had another job. There are so many good actors that don’t get any recognition. And you work and you work and you work. Then all of a sudden, you get this little gift and this little icing on top of this really massive cake that you don’t even deserve anyway," she added.

Not Abandoning Comedy

Kaley, recently announced as a guest star on Season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, also mentioned peppering the serious tone of The Flight Attendant with humor.

"You can’t expect an audience to watch something super dark for an hour straight. And interestingly enough, coming out during Covid and during this time, I’m glad we added that levity and that quirkiness, because it made the show stand out. You were either going to get on this flight, or not," Kaley told the media outlet.