Here’s A Look At Hailey Bieber’s Tiny Yet Meaningful Tattoos

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Sarah Haider

American model Hailey Bieber is well-known for her beautiful looks, stunning body, as well as her chic sense of style.

However, there is a rather lesser-known aspect of her aesthetic self that many have not noticed: her tattoos.

According to Bustle, Hailey has more than 20 tattoos on her body. Even though they are tiny, delicate, and strategically placed, they are not always easily noticeable.

Continue reading to know more about Hailey’s tattoos and what was her motivation behind getting inked.

Love for Minimalism And Heritage

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Just like her husband, Canadian singer Justin Bieber, who has a vast collection of prominent tattoos all over his body, Hailey is equally devoted to body art. But unlike him, the model prefers minimalism when it comes to getting inked.

However, each one of her tattoos carries a different meaning for her.

For instance, Hailey has gotten the phrase “Minas Gerais” tattooed on her left ankle, which refers to an inland state in southeastern Brazil.

According to Elle since she is half Brazilian, this tattoo serves as a reminder of her heritage.

Love And Religion

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Hailey has inked the word “lover” on her neck in cursive writing. While she hasn’t revealed the meaning behind her tattoo yet, from the looks of it, Hailey seems to be a very romantic person.

Akin to that, the model has shown her devotion to Christianity through several tattoos. The first one is a cross on the neck, right above the lover tattoo.

Similarly, the letters “pr” are tattooed on her left hand, while the words “ay” are inked on her right hand. The word “pray” is formed when she joins her hands together in a prayer position. According to Refinery29, this tattoo was designed by her friend, Kendall Jenner.

She also has “3:30” inked one her right hand, referring to the John 3:30 Bible verse.

Sisterly Affection

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Since tattoos are a form of self-expression, Hailey has shown love for her family – her sister Alaia precisely — by getting the phrase “coeur d’Alene” inked on the side of her back.

Initially, many of her fans thought that the tattoo referred to the city in Idaho.

But according to Bustle, the French phrase translates to “heart of Alene,” as Alene is the middle name of her sister.

Similarly, she also has her family name “Baldwin” tattooed on the side of her middle finger. Per Bustle, she and her cousin, Ireland Basinger Baldwin, got a similar tattoo.

Honouring Self

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Hailey also seems to be proud of herself for many reasons. To that end, she got the year of her birth – 1996 – inked on her right hip. Despite having more than 20 tattoos and already “running out of space,” the model has plans to get more tattoos in future.

During an interview with The Cut, Hailey said that she prefers little tattoos as opposed to big ones. She also opened up about getting more tattoos.

“They’re little ones, but I like all the little ones. I’m running out of spots to put little ones. And eventually, when I have kids one day, I want to get my kids’ names and then I want to have the spots for that," she said.