Kaley Cuoco Shows Off Swimsuit In Iceland

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Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is rocking a tight swimsuit while showing off her recent Iceland travels. The Flight Attendant star has been traveling to shoot Season 2 of the hit thriller series. While Kaley hasn't posted to Instagram since Christmas, her assistant Emma Ross has been updating fans on the goings-on, with a recent snap showing the two having fun both at the beach and at rock pools.

Kaley appeared in a small gallery, one showing the fun she's been having while shooting the HBO show. Check it out below.

Having Fun In Iceland

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If you follow Kaley on Instagram, you'll have seen her European travels for Season 1, which took her to Italy alongside some Stateside traveling in NYC. The sitcom star first appeared in a cute shorefront selfie with Emma as the two posed by freezing oceans and rocks. Kaley looked cute as a button here, wearing a light winter jacket, ribbed yellow turtleneck, plus a cozy gray beanie.

Emma, meanwhile, kept warm in a dark coat as she rocked glasses.

See The Photos Below

A swipe right brought a little swimsuit action as Kaley and Emma posed for a selfie amid a steaming natural pool - fans saw Kaley in a clingy and sporty black one-piece with red and white lettering. Also included in the gallery were city shots and a reminder that Iceland is COLD.

Taking to her caption, Emma wrote: "I miss Iceland. Thank you @kaleycuoco for taking me there. Season 2 of @flightattendantonmax is gonna be special." Swipe for the gallery below, scroll for more.

Gearing Up For Season 2

Kaley, who plays hot mess flight attendant Cassie Bowden on TFA, has been celebrating Season 2 pumping up, this after Season 1 proved a massive hit with its November 2021 release.

"I’ve never worked like this and I love it, I actually love it. I’m up first thing in the morning, I’m the last person on set – well, not the last, the crew is (amazing crew) – I’m usually the last actor and I honestly love it," she said back in 2019.

Moving On From 'Big Bang Theory'

Kaley, best known for playing the street-smart Penny on hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, last year opened up on the transition away from comedy.

“Coming off such a successful show, I knew people were going to judge this and question my decision. By the way, it wouldn’t have mattered what choice I had made, it was going to be – not looked down upon, but questioned," she told Radio Times, adding:

“I also early on really decided in my heart that I could not compare anything to Big Bang."