Kaley Cuoco Enjoys 5 A.M. Coffee In Fluffy Bathrobe


Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is back in her bathrobe and towel hair turban and saying it's "too early" while enjoying her first coffee of the day. The sitcom star, 36, continues to delight her Instagram followers with those low-key home caffeine fixes - while Kaley fronted Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks in 2020, it's her A Cup of Cuoco Instagram series that really proved popular as she reminded fans that life without coffee just isn't worth it for her.

The latest brings Kaley for another super-early cup.

5.26 A.M. Coffee

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Kaley, who has been out in Iceland to shoot The Flight Attendant Season 2, was seemingly home in L.A. this weekend, posting a quick Insta story as she began her day. The blonde was all self-care vibes in a dark bathrobe, also seemingly fresh out the shower as she dried her hair via a head towel.

Wearing funky large glasses and zero makeup, the actress held up a mug from her massive collection, also adding a 5. 26 a.m. time-stamp. More below.

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Kaley added that it was "too early" as she peeped what were likely the interiors of her luxurious, $12 million Hidden Hills mansion. The Olly wellness partner is now living in her property alone following her September 2021 split from husband Karl Cook.

As to coffee, Kaley has plenty to say. Last year, she told NY Mag that she just can't live without her $210 Nespresso machine, listing it amid the 10 things she needs in life. Skip the jump for more.

Nespresso Every Morning

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Outlining her routine, Kaley revealed: "I drink Nespresso coffee with my almond-butter toast every morning. I’m a caffeine fanatic and am obsessed with this machine." She added:

"It’s so, so easy to use, but it also makes fantastic coffee. If I travel and the place I’m going doesn’t have this machine, I’ll buy one and have it sent to where I’m staying because I need to have it."

Kaley even wound up getting gifted a Nespresso machine in 2020 after struggling in an Italy hotel room only offering her an electric kettle.

Got Her Home Setup

The girl behind Penny continued: "At home I have a whole set up. I keep a drawer full of the pods in different flavors — I really enjoy picking out the flavor I’ll have every morning. I prefer the dessert-ier flavors, though, because they add some sweetness to my coffee without any sugar."

Kaley has also called herself a coffee "connoisseur," even revealing that she likes the beverage hot enough to "burn" her windpipe. For more from Kaley, give her Instagram a follow.