Zelina Vega Launches New WWE Collection After Big Win

Instagram | @theatrinidad


You can add entrepreneur to Zelina Vega’s name as she releases a new clothing collection for WWE fans. A few weeks after winning the first-ever Queen of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Title, the cosplay enthusiast made the announcement. Zelina is showing the world that there’s more to her than throwing down in the ring, and we’re here for it, alongside her 1.6 million Instagram followers.

WWE Clothing Collection

Instagram | @theatrinidad

Zelina’s clothing collection includes official t-shirts, accessories, and keepsakes featuring her face and catchphrases. She leveraged her love for cosplaying to create unique pieces of self-expression for her buyers. Already, we know Zelina throws down in the WWE fashion department as well, making her entrances in fashionable costumes you won’t forget even as you remember the fights.


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Pretty In Pink

Instagram | @theatrinidad

Zelina’s latest Instagram post shows us that she doesn’t limit her fighting to the ring, as she went to bat with her hair bangs too. The WWE Queen wore a pink leather collared jumpsuit and styled her hair in an Asian schoolgirl look comprising a full-face bang, two buns, and a long loose back.

Still wearing the same pink outfit, she switches her style into a Nicki Minaj signature pink highlight, this time tying her hair into two low pigtails. In the second caption, she alludes to Harley Quinn from DC Comics, saying, “Link in bio, puddin.” The caption directs her loyal fans to shop her look from her new WWE online store.

Queening In The Bathtub

Instagram | @theatrinidad

Once more, Zelina proves she’s not only feisty but sexy as she poses in a lace mesh dress lying in a bathtub. She wears sky-high black heels and a wavy long pink wig on her head. Zelina keeps her makeup light, drawing attention instead to her colored hair, sexy legs, and mini lace dress. Her caption says, “Your Queen,” referring to her recent victory in the WWE ring.

First Winner Of The Inaugural WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament

Instagram | @theatrinidad

With the way Zelina flaunts her crown, you’d think she won the WWE Queen’s Crown Tournament yesterday, but the success came in October. The Puerto Rican defeated Doudrop in the tournament to claim the much-coveted pioneer spot.

Now she makes her entrance in a complete royal getup featuring a crown, scepter, and cape. Speaking to DC 101’s Mike Jones, she said, “I get to have something just for me… this is amazing that I actually did this and I’m keeping it for life. Not just while I’m in WWE,” and she’s right. No matter how mad her haters get, Zelina would always be the first Queen of WWE.