Kaley Cuoco Keeps Her Body Toned With This Workout Routine

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So you just watched The Flight Attendant, and you’re wondering how the female lead Cassie Bowden, (Kaley Cuoco), keeps her body toned; we’ve got you covered! The 36-year-old actress takes her exercise as seriously as her career and has a three-year training relationship with fitness trainer Ryan Sorensen.

You can tell she doesn’t miss her workout session from how her toned body sits firmly in her outfits. Without knowing her longstanding career, you’d think she finished filming The Big Bang Theory last month. Yes, she still looks as good as she did in her 20s.

Training With Ryan Sorensen

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Her drive during the gym sessions earned her respect from Sorensen, and he said as much in his TODAY Health interview last year. Although Sorensen said Cuoco avoids weight training because she’s not into building muscles, the actress uses light equipment like resistance bands, battle ropes, and a stationary home bicycle.

In April last year, she shared a series of pictures showing herself working out with Sorensen on her 7 million following Instagram feed. Fans dropped encouraging comments like one @justjennyhutt, who said, “you are always doing the work @kaleycuoco it’s so inspiring.”

What Kind Of Workout Does Kaley Fancy?

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Merely looking at her face, you won’t guess the kind of workout the Why Him voice actress fancies. She gives off soft and pleasant vibes, but in the gym, Kaley goes hard! The 36-year-old pet lover favors strength and cardio exercise to maintain a defined figure and burn fat.

“Kaley’s favorite workouts are the ones that challenge her. Like if she has a hard time doing something at first, she’ll want to do that exercise every single time until she gets it,” says her training. Well, it looks like our favorite comedic actress loves a challenge, and her daily routine gives it to her in doses!

Small League Horse Riding

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Kaley doesn’t hide her love for animals as she owns a multi-million-dollar ranch that houses many, including a rooster, some dogs, and 4 horses. From her Instagram page, we know that if acting fails (it won’t,) Kaley may give Olympic Equestrians a run for their medals. That’s because she occasionally rides at small-town leagues and around her ranch for leisure.

Besides fulfilling a lifelong dream, horse-riding is a good form of exercise for the quads, which explains Kaley’s enviable toned legs.

Wearing Comfort Shoes

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Though Kaley keeps her life private, only sharing a few contents on the gram, we can tell she’s a sucker for comfort shoes. The Emmy nominee can wear the most glamorous dress or tuxedo and pair it with sneakers or slides. Sure, she would wear heels for the red carpet, but they also come off her feet as soon as the cameras turn off. Honestly, we can’t judge her.