Kaia Gerber Reveals How The Pandemic Influenced Her Lifestyle And Career

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The COVID-19 pandemic influenced everyone’s life in ways we never imagined possible, and the celebrities aren’t exempt. Many people learned to readjust their lifestyle to accommodate the new normal, including Kaia Gerber. The 20-year-old model opened up to PEOPLE this week on the changes she’s made in her career and lifestyle.

Re-Evaluating Her Personal Life

As a model, it’s easy to allow the glitz and glamour to convince you that Hollywood is the only source of joy, and the pandemic took that away from everyone. People couldn’t work or jet-set like before, so how else could they get satisfaction? The face of YSL learned to draw happiness from within rather than rely on external gratification.

Speaking to PEOPLE at the St. Jude Hospital benefit on Wed, Jan. 19, Kaia said, “I think it’s made me re-evaluate my personal life a lot more. I think it’s so important people are realizing how important their happiness is outside of work when you don’t have all these outside resources to gain happiness from, where that internal happiness comes from.”


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Careful Selection Of Locations

Since the pandemic, there have been restrictions on flights worldwide as many countries seek to manage the COVID-19 spread. “I think the most fashionable thing is being responsible,” the model said. In light of the spreading virus and new variants, Kaia’s being careful with her choices.

She further said, “I think twice about it in a way that I didn’t before. It’s definitely made me think a lot more before getting on a plane.” Perhaps the protocols and tests necessary for boarding a flight these days add to her skepticism.

Vaccination Views

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When asked about her views on non-vaxxers, and vaxxers, Kaia said, “It’s definitely a group effort, and I think that it’s kind of making people realize how everyone is in it together, and everyone’s decisions affect the world so much more globally than we ever believe to be true. I think that people are learning a lot more about teamwork in all of this.”

Charity Work

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The young model was at the event to promote her charity work. She plunged into charity giving to preserve the memory of her uncle, who died of Leukemia as a 3-year-old. “I’ve worked with St. Jude for a very long time. It’s very near and dear to my heart and my mother’s heart and to support art. I’m so excited to see the exhibition and to host. It’s such an honor, and in the place I grew up,” she said during her toast.