Hailey Bieber Radiates Rainbow Glow In Bikini

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One of the best things about following celebrities on Instagram is that you get to live vicariously through them. Anyone who scrolled through Hailey Bieber’s feed on Sunday can testify to this fact, as she transported her 40 million-plus fans to a picturesque beach. The 25-year-old supermodel shone brightly under the burning sun rays as she joined the body chain trend.

Bucket Hats Are Back In Style

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Who knew the bucket hat could go with almost every outfit? Hailey did; that’s why she’s incorporated the trusted accessory into her daily style.

She wore an off-white fluffy bucket hat with her red and green rainbow print string bikini. Hailey sat on a red and white plaid blanket that complimented her two-piece bathing suit even as her skin’s glow outshone both.

The high-rise, strong bikini bottom flexed her super-toned body, and there’s no doubt you’re looking at a supermodel when you see the snaps. The body chain further emphasizes her flat abs, and you can tell those days in the gym paid off.

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Catching Sunshine

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Hailey switched her position into a kneeling stance, resting her but on her heels. This new angle captures the sunlight on her skin better, as well as the dip in her abs line. The model pulls her bucket hat over her eyes with perfectly manicured brown fingernails to give a closer look at the top.

We can see the brown sand in the background alongside the clear ocean and blue skies this time. Seriously, can you truly say you aren’t catching vacation fever just by staring at these photos?

Hey There Sexy

Our favorite supermodel ditched the red and green for a purple and black checkered bikini as she cooled in the water. The high-rise string bottoms she wore exposed a tiny waistline tattoo you can almost miss unless you zoom in closer. Hailey also took off the bucket hat to soak in the ocean, as you can see from the dripping wet hairstyle she now has on in the second slide.

The way the Victoria’s Secret model sat on the yellow rafter formed a sexy fold at the pelvic joint. Hailey then looks seductively at the camera as though she knows her effect on the world with that simple cheeky pose.

A Special Friend

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Hailey’s second slide photo featured a special friend, professional surfer Kelia Moniz, so it’s safe to assume she took the rafter shot after or before surfing lessons. It seems there’s a surf bug in Hollywood as all the big stars are forming new hobbies out of riding big waves.

We’re not complaining, though - in fact, if anyone has an idea how we can teleport into a picture and join in the fun, please share.